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Jasmine is designing and leading all the Yoga classes on retreats in Romania, at Akasha this summer. For the last 8 months she was travelling South America, teaching on retreats in Brazil and Peru. Back in the UK, Jasmine was teaching around 10 classes a week at various locations from gyms to yoga studios to community centres. She also lead and assisted at surf and yoga workshops as well as organising community based yoga events. 

Jasmine’s gentle, calming and supportive approach holds a safe space for you to come to the mat and flow through your Yoga practice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, her classes will give you the time & space to reconnect with yourself, relax and nourish your body.

She is passionate about guiding students through Yoga classes to reduce stress, anxiety and bring an overall sense of well being. Her style is rooted in traditional practices. She aims to share Yoga philosophy & practices with respect to the fact they come from ancient India and have been brought over to the West. You can practice at home with her online videos here. 

Jasmine first came to yoga 11 years ago aged 15. She found meditation, posture and a focus on relaxation and the breath to be incredibly valuable during a stressful period of life.

At the start of 2017 she traveled around India practicing Yoga from Hampi to Mysore before completing her Astanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training 200 hours certificate. She went on to study advanced modules in Yoga Therapeutics with Yoga Therapies, UK. She teaches Slow Flow, Dynamic Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Yoga for beginners and Yin. 

Having used her own Yoga and meditation practice to deal with ongoing issues such as neck pain, coeliac disease, anxiety, trauma recovery and back pain, she has a good understanding of the ways in which Yoga can help to lead a more balanced and centred life, and help to build resilience. She is passionate about sharing this with others and is currently travelling South America, teaching yoga along the way.

To read what students have to say, head to the reviews page.

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Articles and Written Work

Jasmine is a writer and writes for various Yoga websites. Here are links to some of her existing publications:

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Photo by Tui Anandi


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