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Professional Experience & Trainings

Jasmine has been teaching Yoga for 5 years and practicing for 15. Experience includes; being lead Yoga teacher on international wellness retreats, teaching regular classes at a range of venues from gyms to studios to community centres, and teaching online. She holds a supportive space for students and carefully adapts classes to suit different needs and abilities. Her classes are trauma-informed and aim to honor the wide range of lived experiences that people come to class with.

Formally trained in:

  • Astanga Vinyasa Flow, Kranti Yoga India.
  • Yoga Therapeutics, Somatics & Yin (Trauma-informed) , Yoga Therapies, UK.
  • Menstural and Lunar Cycle Yoga  (Trauma-informed) Roots to Rise, online.
  • Leadership & facilitation for change makers, Catalyst @ Embercombe, UK.
  • Continuing professional development in Acro Yoga.
  • Hands On Assists Further Training, Portugal, 2022.

Teaching experience includes leading:

  • Studio & community classes
  • Workshops & events
  • Well-being retreats around the world / Brazil, Peru & Romania
  • Online retreats, courses & classes
  • Sharing circles & moon ceremonies
  • Fundraiser & volunteer classes
  • Creative writing & English classes

Jasmine is currently teaching Yoga online to support people with their practice at home, as well as some in person classes in York and Newcastle.

Her gentle, calming and supportive approach holds a curious space for you to come to the mat and flow through your Yoga practice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, her classes will give you the time and space to reconnect with yourself, relax and nourish your body.

“I’ve been to four weekly classes in a row now and have left every single class feeling refreshed and more mindful of my body / thoughts each time. Jasmines a great teacher easing you in if you’re a beginner, has been a lovely experience.”


Articles and Written Work

Jasmine is a writer and writes for various Yoga websites. Here are links to some of her existing publications:

Trauma Informed Yoga Helps Survivors of Abuse to Heal for Yoga Basics

Why Learning About our Stress Response Matters for Yoga Therapies Journal

How Yoga Can Aid Rehabilitation for Prison Inmates for Yoga Basics

Mindfulness Based Education in Schools for Huffington Post UK

Yoga For Better Sleep for Yoga Basics

Holistic Healing in India for The Huffington Post UK

What I Learned in My First Year Teaching Yoga for Yoga Teacher Prep

How I Got Clear on Where To Direct my Energy for Elephant Journal

Self Leadership Comes First for Embercombe 

How Injury Was a Valuable Teacher on my YTTC for Yogi Times

“Jasmine was my yoga teacher for six months. After several different teachers, she was the first to make me feel good about my body in every practice. Instead of being disappointed that I am not where I want to be, I learned to be gentle and respectful to my body where I am. Since then I’ve been around the world in search of another teacher like her but I haven’t found one! However, the gift she gave me to fall in love with the practice and find the balance within me, I take with me everywhere.”


“Jasmine’s classes make me feel at ease. She’s very knowledgable about Yoga philosophy but guides people to really practice in their own way, making Yoga accessible and relevant to everybody!”


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Photos above all by Ana Marta Dias

Photos below teaching on retreat in Brazil 2018 by Bruna Brandao

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