What Students Say

Jordan: “I’ve been to four weekly classes in a row now and have left every single class feeling refreshed and more mindful of my body / thoughts each time. Jasmines a great teacher easing you in if you’re a beginner, has been a lovely experience.”
Bridie: “Jasmine is a great yoga teacher, with a real calming energy that she brings to her practice. Jasmine delivers her classes in a clear and stimulating manner, explains useful information around the asanas and will always provide additional support and guidance to anyone that requires/wants it. Would 100% recommend!”
Hana: “A really enjoyable and manageable yoga session! Jasmine was calming and helped me relax back into the flow of things after a long time of no practice. She helped me adjust my poses and correct my posture, demonstrating a good pose to help relax muscle tension in my neck and shoulders.”
Sandra: “Jasmine is calm, confident and has an in depth knowledge of yoga. I absolutely love her classes!”

Hazel: Beautiful practice in a calm and caring way . Gently leading the class through asana, beautifully put together.

Madalaine: Love jasmine’s classes, been to quite a few. She’s helpful, easy to understand and very knowledgeable. She takes a lot of care when planning her classes.

Zoe: Jasmine is a fantastic yoga teacher. Her calm, gentle nature brings you to a place of ease from the off, as she takes you through a variety of grounding, strengthening and relaxing poses, giving adaptations or alternatives to make it more achievable or challenging.


34291838Photography by Grace Johnson