From The Jungle in Brazil

Playful Yoga Flow to Set Your Inner Child Free! (25 mins)

Gentle, Slow Yoga to Turn The Focus Inwards (20 mins)

Challenging Yoga to Connect to Your Inner Power (25 mins)

Chair Yoga

Gentle Chair Yoga (10 mins)

This is a 10 minute yoga practice that you can do seated in your chair. Perhaps you’re sitting in your wheelchair, on the edge of your bed, at your desk at work taking a break or maybe you’re a seasoned Astangi simply looking for a more gentle yoga practice to do today! Whatever your story, this 10 minute video combines breath with movement to help you land in the present moment.

Chair Yoga for Travel / Work Break (10 mins)

A 10 minute video guiding you through some simple chair based yoga practices. It’s filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was inspired by a 30 hour bus ride from Brazil. This is a great one to pop on if you’re also doing a lot of travel and can be equally good to do at your desk in your work break! It’s also suitable for those with limited mobility who may have to spend a lot of time seated.

Energising Yoga

Grounding Yoga Practice (20 Mins)

This is a short 20 minute Yoga practice designed to cultivate a sense of feeling grounded as well as building strength. It’s a particularly great one to do if you’ve been feeling anxious or ungrounded / all over the place as it offers the opportunity to get back to your roots and come back down to Earth!

Yoga for Hikers / Energising Vinyasa (20 mins)

I devised this sequence for hikers during a hike in the Lake District, UK. So, it focuses on leg strengthening, chest opening and vinyasa. But it’s not only a good one for hikers, it would also fit into a normal day as an energising flow! The pace is quite fast and it is not suitable for beginners. Aimed at those who already have a Yoga practice.

Gentle Yoga

Yoga For When You’re Unwell (17 mins)

This Yoga video is a great one to practice when you have a cold / flu or are generally feeling run down or unwell. We all get sick sometimes and it’s often a way of our bodies asking us to slooooooow down. It can actually provide the opportunity to take some rest, make self-care a priority and learn to listen to the body’s needs. Take the chance to move out of busy go go go mode and into a more mindful way of being.

Yoga Check In (10 mins)

This short video combines mindfulness, breathing exercises and gentle movement. It’s just 10 minutes long and is designed to make space and time in any day to draw the focus inwards for a moment. For me, a huge part of Yoga is really about learning to be able to sit with myself through both comfort and discomfort and to offer compassion towards myself when things feel difficult. This 10 minute Yoga check in invites you to take a seat with yourself, take a precious moment to breathe and in doing so land the body, mind and soul in the present moment.

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation (30 mins)

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping where the body is completely relaxed. It helps you to become increasingly aware of the inner world. This is an accessible meditation technique that can hugely help to access the bodies natural healing state of deep relaxation, cultivating wellbeing on multiple levels and helping to deal with high levels of stress, anxiety and other difficulties.

Get comfy, wind down and let go for the next half an hour with this guided relaxation 🙂

Calming Yoga in Bed (17 mins)

This short sequence is a great way to begin or end the day. Suitable for all levels, this gentle sequence invites inner peace and calm. Clear the head, let go of tension and Nama’stay in bed!

Gentle Morning Yoga (20 mins)

Gentle morning yoga practice that you can do straight out of bed and in your pyjamas! Really great way to start the day and only requires setting the alarm 20 minutes earlier than normal. This video is suitable for beginners and really helps to stretch and wake up the body first thing in the morning. It can also be done before bed to relax and unwind after the day so the choice is yours!

Guided Savasana (10 mins)

Savasana can be described as THE most important yoga posture. It relaxes the entire body, relieving stress and calming the brain. It allows you to come into stillness, soaking up a moment of calm in what may be an otherwise busy day. It has also been known to improve sleep problems, help with pain management and bring mental clarity. Let yourself switch off and wind down with just a 10 minute savasana that can fit into even the most jam-packed schedule and give yourself the relaxation you deserve! A warm welcome to beginners, savasana is a great way to start your yoga journey : )

Guided Savasana in French (6 mins)

Savasana est une posture du yoga. On peut dire que c’est une des plus importantes postures parce que dans cette posture le corps entière est complètement relâché et détendu. Ça veut dire que l’esprit est également calme et petit à petit le stress commence de quitter le corps. Ça vous permet de trouver un moment de tranquillité qui est super important et on a tous besoin de ça. Cette posture peut améliorer les problèmes de sommeil, aidé à gérer la douleur et apporter une clarté mentale. Alors écoute cette méditation guidée de 6 minutes pour se détendre : )

Letting Go Meditation (12 mins)

This is a great practice to help you feel grounded and connected. This guided meditation and short visualisation follows the theme of Autumn. As the leaves begin to fall, we can take the time to sit with ourselves, tune in and notice what we are ready to let go of ourselves. It can fit into busy schedules, as it’s just over 10 minutes long and is suitable for any time of day.

*** If you’re injured, pregnant or have any medical conditions then seek advice from your physio, doctor or yoga teacher in person before practicing online videos ***

I know that for some people it can be a real struggle to even find 20 minutes in the day to take time out to do videos like these because of how much time a lot of people have to put into surviving / childcare / everything else but my hope is that everyone who needs a bit of self care and time to themselves can find a way to fit in practices like this where possible.

It’s really important to me that Yoga practices are accessible which is why I make these at home videos so that even if someone doesn’t have the time / money / option to get along to a class in person, they can still practice at home. Some studios offer discounted or free places to those who can’t afford the full price but unfortunately not all studios do this.